Podcast, Episode 75: designer Jenny Wolf

Designer Jenny Wolf joins the podcast to talk editing, her new store, and more

Interior designer Jenny Wolf  draws from her clients’ personalities when designing a space, and we love the way her spaces feel organic and collected. On the show, we talk editing, collecting, Jenny’s new shop, and how to work with a designer on a budget.

What You’ll Hear on This Show:

  • We talk editing and how important it is to your home — just like in your closet
  • Why Jenny thinks it’s important to be honest with her clients about the pieces they already have
  • How her two girls affect her decorating style
  • Jenny tells us about her latest project — a store in Pound Ridge, New York
  • What we can expect in her new store and why the project has been serendipitous 
  • We talk about decorating her girls’ rooms

Decorating Dilemmas:

I’m interested in hearing from some of the designers you have on the show about how they price their services, or the range of projects they’ll consider. I don’t envision ever being willing or able to hand a designer a key to my house and saying “have at it,” but I would like to know more about what it looks like cost-wise if you just have someone come in to do one room or ask them to make some changes/improvements to multiple rooms with budget in mind. Should I just use store-based designers like the ones at Ballard, Ethan Allen, etc or would a “real” designer who shops at mid-price retail stores, with maybe one or two custom things, be an option?



We all agree that the best place to start is to ask! Many designers are willing to work with your budget. Every designer structures their business differently, but many have several different options for charging for their services. They may bill hourly. Another option is to find someone just starting out or to use an in-store designer. Our designers in the store don’t charge for a commission, so they’re more than happy to help you no matter your budget.


First of all..y’all are a DELIGHT. I have binged about 20 episodes in the past week, so obviously I’m pretty much an expert now. Ha ha. Yet, here I am asking for help. I’ve started decorating this formal living area and have yet to change out the existing lighting that came with the house. It has a major rustic vibe. I could always just paint it gold I guess. However, if I purchased something new, should I do another drum shaped fixture (I love Ballard’s 6 light bamboo one) or a flush mount like the Blaire or Suzette? 

Thank y’all and keep up the good work you are doing on that podcast! 



We love what you’ve got going in your living room! We all think our Bamboo 6 Light Chandelier would look so pretty in this space — great choice!

Another thing we all agree on is to pull your seating in a bit so it’s a tighter cluster. We aren’t sure where you are in your decorating process, but definitely consider adding a coffee table in the center of your room. 

But so far, we love all of the choices you’ve made. Well done!

Show Notes

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Happy Decorating!

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