Podcast, Ep. 40 with Maison Studios

Coastal kitchen with taupe cabinetry designed by Anne Scott and Allison of Maison Studios


Okay, when Anne Scott Shelley and Allison Smith of Maison Studios stopped by for this episode of the podcast, we had a serious case of the giggles! Get ready for a fun episode, where the decorating duo behind this 30A interior design firm talks vacation homes, granny chic, online shopping, and much more.

What You’ll Hear on This Episode

  • How Anne Scott and Allison started working together and they’re different strengths in their partnership
  • Why they love unconventional color palettes in beach homes
  • Where they like to save money in their projects, especially since they often decorate second homes
  • We talk about how far outdoor fabrics have come and why they’re great for beach homes
  • Allison shares her love for granny florals
  • They talk about how their approach to decorating may differ from most shoppers because they’re decorating rental homes
  • We talk about cafe curtains and why they’re aren’t considered ‘granny’ anymore
  • We talk about plates on walls and why they’re classic
  • Anne Scott and Allison share their favorite places for finding vintage and antiques
  • We talk about about our Atlanta store opening and why the Maison girls will need to come visit us!
  • How do you create a beachy feel without going kitschy
  • Anne Scott and Allison also share how you bring a beachy vibe to your home if you’re nowhere near the water

Decorating Dilemmas

Hi girls! 

My husband and I are in the final stages of our house plans, and I have come upon some design dilemmas. 

We have a room (sunroom) that we love in concept, but I can’t figure out in my head what it will look like furnished- mainly bc of the large wall of windows, the angled fire place, and the 2 sliding wall doors.  In a recent podcast you talked about group spacing and how big each cluster should be, so I have tried to apply that to this room. We have a vintage wood framed cushioned chair and small couch that we hope to use out here, but other than that, we are open to ideas. Also, we plan to put a TV somehow, somewhere on the large no window wall of the sunroom. So I guess that creates 3 focal points to work around like y’all have mentioned before….the large windows, the fire place, and the TV?

We marked out the dimensions of the sunroom and the screened porch on our floor the other night, and I think the screened porch is going to be a little snug for a table/chairs, swing, etc. If we extend the screened porch about 3 or 4 feet into the backyard, we would like to do that to the sunroom also. If that happens, then how does that change the clusters and function of the sunroom with it being even larger?
Any ideas are appreciated and valued! 

Thank you!


This is an awesome room, we’re so excited for you! What a great opportunity to create a space you and your family will get a ton of enjoyment out of. Anne Scott and Allison suggest enlarging that room if possible, then centering your sofa on the window wall. Place two swivel chairs in front of TV wall perpendicular to the sofa, and maybe float a small occasional chair by the fireplace if you can fit it. Flank the sofa with some end tables and lamps, and you’re ready to go!

Because of the strange shape of the room, you might consider having a custom cut rug made to fit the space. If you’re not up for that, just add in the largest rug you can fit here.

Good luck and thanks for listening!

Anne Scott and Allison drew a layout suggestion for your sunroom

Anne Scott and Allison drew a layout suggestion for your sunroom


Hi Ladies!! 

My husband and I purchased our first home three years ago, and I’m so afraid of decorating my mastered room because of the slanted walls. The wall by my headboard is 7ft 4 inches and gradually goes to 10 feet 4 in. My question to you ladies and your special guest are the following. 

What and how can I use for wall decor?

I have a small table next to the window. Should I add an accent chair and floor lamp here?

On my tallest wall; What do you recommend putting here? The door on the left is my closet and the door on the right is my bathroom.

Also my ceiling fan hangs from 9ft 5in and I’ve been having my eye on your Alessandra 5-light chandelier. My room is the first door on the left when you enter my home and I would love to have a beautiful lighting accent to showcase my ceilings. Would this look good for my bedroom? 

Am open to any ideas! Rugs, benches by footboard? 

Also where the bed is located it has a small step down. Thank you thank you so much!!!

Your Fan, Yesenia


Anne Scott and Allison don’t think you need any kind of wall art over the headboard. Instead, focus on sprucing up your bedding with some pattern and color.

We all agree that on the wall in between your closet doors, either hang or lean and full length mirror. Hang a roman shade on the small window that looks like it straddles the step down. Then hang drapery panels on the larger window where your mirror currently is. We all would love to see you split up the bedroom collection. Move the mirror over your dresser to another room, and instead just use your full length mirror. Consider moving a few of the pieces in this collection to another room. Move the nightstands to your guest bed or put the mirror in your dining room. Just break it up and introduce some new finishes into the space.

Drapery will help soften up all the heavy pieces, then add pattern with bedding, consider adding a patterned rug if you can. 

Anne Scott suggests losing the small table under the window. Instead add a bench at the foot of the bed if you can.

We also aren’t sure about the Alessandra Chandelier in your space. It’s a beautiful light fixture, but it’s large and your 9 foot ceilings can quite support that.

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Happy Decorating!

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