10 Pink Rooms Meant for Grown Ups


Pink is one of our favorite colors right now, and we’ve used almost every shade of it in our most recent Spring catalog. It can be a polarizing color though because it’s so unabashedly feminine and usually conjures images of your pre-teen bedroom or nursery. But we actually think the softness of pink makes it the perfect foil for the more clean, masculine shapes we’re seeing in furniture trends. 

Our Alayna Rug, used in the living room above, has a touch of pink in it, so we played up that accent with a magenta pillow and hot pink welt on our Hayes Ottoman. The pink touches complement the orange in the rug and add little bursts of color to a mostly neutral room. Because there are only a few pink accents and they’re paired with orange, we think this is a space almost anyone can get on board with.

Blush pink linen sofa with bright orange velvet

Let’s talk about blush. It complements so many other colors, like coral, blues, greens, and most neutrals. We love using this shade because it’s quiet and unexpected. Even though it’s soft and feminine, it doesn’t feel overly girly which means it works for a grown up space.

Blush pink floral print headboard in a bedroom

A light and airy blush pink floral fabric (our Louise Blush) is the perfect ying to the dark yang of the other pieces in this room, like a charcoal gray quilt and patterned rug. We often talk about how balance is important to keep in mind when you’re decorating your space, and the combination of pink and charcoal in this room captures that idea perfectly.

Blush pink accents with charcoal gray and tan

There’s a decorating rule that says, you need to use a color three times to establish it in the room. Just three pillows and some fresh flowers give this whole bedroom a romantic quality that balances the dark bed and drapery. 

Pink and green are a classic color combination that screams Lilly Pulitzer!

Magenta is another great choice if you want to bring in pink without creating a super girly space. We took the color palette from our Birdsong Art which has both pink and greens in it. Just a couple of accessories, some flowers, and a pillow in Garrison Magenta complement this laid-back, beachy living room.

Living room with brass accents, bold lighting, animal print, and blush pink

We love pairing soft pink with our feisty Serengeti print. Every room needs something unexpected, and a pair of blush pink slipper chairs bring that element of surprise to this living room.

Chairs upholstered in blush pink linen

Remember how we mentioned that pink pairs beautifully with almost every neutral? Here’s proof of that. It works with warm beige, cool grays, chocolate browns, and even blacks. The foundation of this room is simple, streamlined, and neutral, but two armchairs in Suzanne Kasler’s blush linen fit in flawlessly.

Blush pink walls with black furniture and bold art

Another great way to bring pink into your space without going overboard? Use a blush pink wall color like Benjamin Moore’s Sugarcane (above). If you have a lot of black pieces, counteract them with this cheery hue.

Living room with velvet sofa, pink walls, and leopard print accessories

We love the feminine, romantic quality blush brings to this living room, especially when paired with a caramel velvet couch and two brown leather chairs.

Neutral bedroom with pink accents and a beachy vibe

Suzanne Kasler’s Peony Linen works beautifully with sandy neutrals. We love this bedroom that has a laid-back beachy vibe and just a few accents of that vibrant pink! 

We hope these examples will empower you to use pink in your spaces, without the worry of going all-out Elle Woods.

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