Decorating Dilemmas: Diana’s Bathroom

Helping Diana add finishing touches to her bathroom

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Dear How to Decorate,

My bathroom needs professional help to pull it together with décor. I want to keep the picture I have leading into the room as it has special meaning. But I need some help on making my bathroom look nice.

Thanks for your suggestions,


Dear Diana,

We love that you want to make your bathroom a beautiful space. We are big fans of luxurious bathrooms that feel like a trip to the spa!

The gray tone of your walls is what inspired this look. We think that your beloved print will work within this color story. To begin, we’d like to see you use our Crawley rug rug in a size that fits between the tub and vanity. The teal color is gently hued so that it will work with the color of your walls. Treat yourself to a few sets of our scrumptious Signature Bath Towels in gray. You won’t believe how quickly these towels dry, and they are very absorbent too. You have room for a bath rug in the same collection and color.

You seem to have several places for a vanity stool and so we’d suggest an updated look using two of our favorites. For under the sink, the Trudy Vanity Stool covered in Cleo Glacier is the right scale with a touch of fun pattern. We suggest repeating the Cleo Glacier in our X-bench for under your bathroom window. We think these upholstered pieces will really give your bathroom that luxurious feel.

You already have one piece of beautiful artwork, but we see space for our Playa Blanca Art on the wall to the right of the tub. An ocean view in your very own bathtub! The colors of the piece are subtle and play very nicely with the grays and blues we’ve already chosen.

How about a little bling? The simple ceiling light fixture you currently have could be easily replaced with our Margeaux Light Light. This fixture will take the bathroom to a whole new level, as it’s really quit stunning in person. And since we’re on the subject of lighting, we think candles in the bathroom are a must. Try placing a pair of our Elise Candle Sconces on the right side of the tub.

For a few finishing touches try a pretty tray like our Emmie Mirrored Tray on your bathroom counter. It can be a practical landing place to corral your make up or perfume bottles. We also love to see plants in the bathroom, and they seem to love the climate too. Use the Beaded Cachepot made for us by Bunny Williams, to house your favorite orchid. It’s a simple but special way to make a wow statement in any room.

How easy was that? Enjoy your beautiful new spa like bathroom.

Happy Decorating,

The Design Team

Helping Diana add finishing touches to her bathroom

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