A Late Summer Look for Your Front Door

A late summer look for your front door with a chinoserie door mat, blue planter, and hanging basket

As the old saying goes, you only have one chance to make a first impression, and that’s why we think it’s important to add some finishing touches to your front door. It doesn’t take a lot, but a nice welcome mat, some greenery, and a wreath on the door can make a world of difference. And give your guests and neighbors a hint to the fabulously stylish space you’ve created on the inside. Here are our picks for creating a front door for late summer and early Fall:

1. Start with a Chic Welcome Mat

We loved our Blue & White Chinoiserie Collection so much, we decided to make it into a welcome mat! These super chic ginger jars never go out of style and their dramatic silhouettes look fantastic printed on 100% natural coir.

2. Add a Wreath or our Adirondack Basket

It’s a no brainer to hang a wreath on the door once the holidays are around the corner, but we actually love the idea of something up all year long. Our Adirondack basket is the perfect solution — switch it out from season to season. In the summer, we like using hydrangeas which you can let dry out and in the fall, add in leaves from the yard.

3. A Perch or Place to Sit

A place to sit goes a long way to making your front porch feel inviting, but if you don’t have enough room for a chair or sofa, perhaps consider adding a garden stool or a small bistro table and chairs. It sure is convenient when you need to put down your cup of coffee while locking the door or putting something down when your hands are full. Plus, it adds a little color to your front door!

4. Some Color

Speaking of color, it’s an important element to consider, even if you’re on Team Neutral. Color will draw attention from the street to your door, creating a focal point. It definitely ups the curb appeal of any home. We like to draw inspiration from the plants and landscape around the yard of a house. For example, if you’ve got big hydrangeas bushes, consider vibrant blues. Or perhaps you love planting beds of petunias in the Spring. Choose magenta or deep purple accents.

Find more ways to get the look, or browse our Pinterest boards for more inspiration!

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Caroline McDonald

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