Decorating Dilemma: Maribel’s Living Room

Maribel's living room with abstract art, a blue velvet sofa, and blue accents

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I am not sure what kind of wall art I should put over my sofa. I love the living room below and want to recreate this look. Help!

I saw in your catalog the Catena Link Plaque and the Paris Mist which I think would look nice, but I need your advice.




Dear Maribel,

Thank you for submitting your question regarding art work for behind your existing sofa. You have such a chic and stylish collection of furnishings, we understand your concern in deciding on the perfect piece for behind your sofa.

We considered your thoughts for art work and find that Tracing Illusion Art would be a wonderful companion piece to your furnishings and colors. It has beautiful tonal shades of blues, greens, grays, tans and whites that we think would be very complimentary to the finishes in your furniture and fabrics.

It also would speak to the shadows and shaded areas of the room during different times of the day and in different lighting. Without knowing the exact size of your sofa and the amount of wall space and height you have to work with, we are thinking that the 64” x 47” size would be a dramatic focal point for your space, commanding attention and drawing you into the room. You can mount this painting either horizontally or vertically to give you the ultimate in styling options.

Happy Decorating,

The How to Decorate Team

Maribel's living room with abstract art, a blue velvet sofa, and blue accents

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