14 Ways to Mix & Match Your Bedding

Mix and match your bedding pieces

8 ways to mix and match our neutral bedding pieces

If you love to flip through our catalog, you’ve probably noticed that we love to mix and match different bedding collections together. It’s a fun way to bring pattern and personality into your bedroom, without creating a busy space where your mind won’t be able to rest. That’s why when we’re designing our bedding collections, we take care to coordinate all of the colors so they can work together.

Check out all the different ways our pieces mix together!

When we’re mixing pieces together, we like to think about using one angular bedding collection with a more organic collection. For example, our funky Milos Quilted Bedding works complements Suzanne Kasler’s Greek Key Bedding beautifully, and the straight lines of our Keira Tassel Bedding work perfectly with both our Jardin Toile and Ava Block print collections. Just remember to strike a balance with your pieces.

We mixed all these prints together in our favorite neutrals, but you could certainly choose spa, navy, or gray too!

A. Milos Quilted Bedding
B. Ansley Tassel Bedding
C. Loop Knot Sheet Set
D. Ava Quilted Block Print Bedding
E. Fringed Sheet Set
F. Jardin Toile Quilted Bedding
G. Keira Tassel Bedding
H. Ava Block Print Bedding
I. Suzanne Kasler’s Greek Key Bedding
J. Classic Percale Bedding
K. Halle Pickstitch Quilted Bedding

8 ways to mix and match our navy bedding pieces

Staying in one color palette but mixing lots of patterns together is the perfect way to keep your bedroom feeling polished and peaceful without becoming boring. But if you have your heart set on using different colors, you know we’re game! We suggest choosing one colorful collection and one neutral collection (like tan or grey).

One tip from our bedding expert: if you’re mixing two collections together, be sure to use pillow shams from both collection to complete the look. She’ll use euros from one collection and standard shams from the other collection.

A. Millie Channel Stitch Quilted Bedding
B. Spencer Watercolor Stripe Bedding
C. Loop Hem Sheet Set
D. Ava Block Print Quilted Bedding
E. Ansley Tassel Bedding
F. Fringed Sheet Set
G. Keira Tassel Bedding
H. Thandie Watercolor Bedding
J. Classic Egyptian Percale Sheet Set
K. Milos Quilted Bedding
L. Halle Pickstitch Quilted Bedding
M. Henri French Stripe Quilted Bedding
N. Suzanne Kasler’s Greek Key Bedding 

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