Decorating Dilemmas: Grace’s Cavernous Bedroom

Helping Grace decorate her very large bedroom

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Dear How to Decorate,

We have a large rectangular bedroom that just swallows up our king-size bed. Even though there is a twelve foot wide window the room is dark and uninviting.

Your AVA block print quilt and duvet in spa color just arrived this week and we love them both. We would like to build on these items and make our bedroom into a relaxing retreat.

We are considering discarding the tri-fold mirror from the dresser, placing the dresser under the TV and moving the wardrobe in its place. Perhaps with some of your beautiful artwork on each side. A seating area in front of the TV would be also be nice.

Please help us transform our bedroom.


View of bed- window of right
looking at tv
looking from bed to door
bed and dresser

Dear Grace,

We are so excited to hear that you are enjoying the spa Ava Block Duvet and Quilt. It is a lovely collection! Starting with a spa color is the perfect way to create a serene and relaxing bedroom oasis!

A fabulous headboard for your space is our Ally Headboard wrapped in Suzanne Kasler Linen, either in Blanc or Sky. The profile detailing across the top would give a defined focal point in the room plus the Ava Block linens would complement the headboard. Add a couple of solid pillows for color depth and it would be a beautiful result. An additional suggestion to give your bed an attitude is to place a stunning bench across the foot of the bed. Our Simone Bench wrapped in Salisbury is ideal for color and pattern. The beautiful turned legs are a fabulous added detail.

Switching places with your dresser and wardrobe is a magnificent idea. It would set up you room for a defined sitting area. An additional way that this could be accomplished is to add a rug, like our Colby Rug centered in front of the television. Now bring in two of our Davenport Club Chairs with a shared ottoman and upholster them all in Davidson Herringbone Sand. Position a Sophie Side Table between them for books, remotes and a cup of coffee.

Having 2 or 3 of our Garden District Mirrors horizontally would look fantastic and make a bold statement. Also hang our Patchwork Prints for color, pattern and visual texture … tying everything together.

As a final breath of freshness, we suggest hanging our Firenze Drapery panels on your windows. They are crisp but still elegant. The spa color will flow perfectly in with the rest of your new room.

Oh … one last suggestion. With all the new beauty, consider painting your walls a soft whisper of spa/green/blue. It will absolutely change the character of your bedroom!

Happy Decorating!

The Design Team


Helping Grace decorate her very large bedroom

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