Casa Florentina: Introducing Luxury Rugs, Lighting and Accessories

Ballard Designs new Casa Florentina collection


Four years ago, we launched our Tuscan-inspired collection of classic furniture, each piece custom-made with meticulous attention to detail and available in a range of stunning finishes. We called it Casa Florentina, and we hoped customers would love these gorgeous pieces as much as we did. Turns out, you did!

For us, the collection has always centered around our 15 hand applied finishes, inspired by the colors and textures of Tuscany. Naturally, the next step was to expand the line to include decor that layered effortlessly with those finishes. Today we’re excited to introduce luxury rugs, lighting, linens and accessories that are selected as carefully as jewelry to go with each piece in Casa Florentina. Crafted by some of the best artisans in the world, we couldn’t be prouder of this collection. Take a look, and let us know what you think.

Casa Florentina Rugs

Every rug selected had to pass the swatch test, meaning we compared each rug’s palette to our Casa Florentina finish swatches to ensure it complemented at least five finishes. For this collection, we wanted to produce heirloom quality rugs — the kind you pass down to your children — so we sought out artisanal rug makers who only used the finest wools and dyes and traditional rug construction techniques.

We couldn’t love the results more: these rugs are meticulously hand knotted in a traditional Turkish Oushak weave for exceptional depth of color and intricacy of pattern. We don’t provide swatches for our Casa Florentina rugs, so we recommend ordering a 2’ x 3’ rug to see if you like it before ordering a larger size, and you can return it for a full refund.

Casa Florentina Lighting

Our distinctive selection of lighting features 12 breathtaking designs. These designer fixtures are exquisitely handcrafted with the finest materials, and our buyers ensured that every detail, from finish to finial, was perfected. Seriously, we couldn’t pick a favorite if we wanted.

Like pieces of art for your room, each fixture is specially selected to complement the finishes that have made our Casa Florentina furniture a favorite among professional and gifted home decorators.

Casa Florentina Pillows & Accessories

It’s the details that really make a room come together. Offering a luxurious look and feel, our pillows are exceptionally handmade with sumptuous fabrics, rich textures and washed colors that layer perfectly with our Casa Florentina furniture and rugs. Indulge yourself!

Casa Florentina accessories, lighting, and furniture from Ballard Designs

Antique Italian olive jars. Natural alabaster hurricanes. Hand cast molds made from French antiques. Stitched leather trays. These are the kind of elegant and timeless accessories you’ll keep forever. Our carefully curated selection features just six handmade accessories that pair beautifully with the entire collection.

Casa Florentina furniture pieces from Ballard Designs

Casa Florentina Furniture

Of course, we wouldn’t even have a Casa Florentina collection without the furniture. We’ve added more than 75 distinct pieces to the collection, from dining room tables and chairs to petite side tables and desks. Each piece is hand finished in Italy and made to order. In other words, these pieces aren’t mass produced and sitting in a warehouse awaiting their final destination. They’re custom-made exclusively for you.

Casa Florentina, artisan-crafted furniture, lighting, rugs, and accessories from Ballard Designs

Shop our entire Casa Florentina collection, or find more gorgeous rooms in our Photo Gallery.

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