We’re Into: Iridescent Glass

Mercury glass lamp with glittery side table

From the runway to the Oscars, iridescent fabrics have been lighting up the fashion world, so it was only a matter of time before the dreamy sheen made its way into home decor. And we must admit, we’ve taken quite a shine to it. A lightened up version of the metallics we love, iridescent glass combines that familiar shimmering effect with the whisper soft color of translucent glass for a cool, atmospheric look and feel.

Just adding one thing in a room with the light-reflective quality of iridescent glass will make your whole room glow with style. For inspiration, see some of our favorite ways to add a little shimmer and shine.

Lustered glass candleholders from Ballard Designs

We love how iridescent glass catches the light for a subtle shimmer in your room. Made of one hundred individual mirrors in an antique silver frame, our Sacha Mirror creates the same effect. For high shine, hang several together to fill a wall.

Ballard Designs Emeline Side Table

Antique glass has a reflective quality that bounces light around the room. We love the way our Emeline Side Table combines antique glass shelves with a gold foil finish for a glamorous table that makes a big shimmering statement.

Marrakesh glassware from Ballard Designs

The Moroccans have long understood the lure of luster. In Morocco, silver, gold and copper metallics are often woven into textiles or used for flourishes on pottery or glassware, as is done here with our Marrakesh Glassware. The jewel-tone colors are flecked with golden scroll accents for just the right amount of glimmer on your table.

Lustered glass candleholders from Ballard Designs

Warm metallics, like brass and gold, have made a huge comeback. You can lump copper and amber finishes in that group, too. Which is exactly why we fell for our Lustered Glass Candleholder. The coppery, mottled glass creates a cozy, warm glow on a table, so it’s the perfect decorative accent for entertaining.

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Caroline McDonald

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