We’re Traveling To: the Amalfi Coast

Home decor inspired by the Amalfi Coast

When we think of summer, we think of summer vacation of course! And if you’re taking a vacation over the next few months, chances are you’re headed to some kind of beach. There’s something about the water that really inspires all of the senses, so we’re letting our wanderlust guide our inspiration for a new series! In our We’re Traveling Series, we’re letting some of the locations on our must-see list guide our home decor choices.

Considering we’re total Europhiles (constantly scouring antique markets all over Europe and happily visiting our furniture makers in Italy) it should come as no surprise that we dream of vacationing on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Wouldn’t that be heaven? We can just see that turquoise water now! So today, we’re imagining ways to bring the Amalfi Coast into our homes — no passport needed.

If you’ve ever been to Italy (or seen an old movie like Roman Holiday), you’ve likely noticed that the Italians love their piazzas! And it’s not uncommon to see tons of string lights hanging on restaurant patios and terraces, just so they can enjoy those gorgeous piazzas during the evening too. Hanging a few strands of lights on your patio or porch, won’t turn your outdoor space into an Italian piazza (sadly), but it’ll get you that much closer.

Lemons are a prized crop on the Amalfi Coast, and not only do they inspire the cuisine of the coast, they inspire the decor! It’s not uncommon to see swatches of yellow in this gorgeous area, and a few gorgeous shades of yellow brought into your home may just remind you of this beautiful space. Our Josephina Bonnet Top Bookcase is actually handmade in Italy outside of Florence, but our distressed yellow finish has is that perfect, citrusy hue. Or bring in a few pieces from our Amalfi Outdoor Collection with cushions in our Sunbrella Canvas Butter fabric.

It’s not uncommon to see yellow and white striped awnings in and around the towns on the Amalfi Coast, so we couldn’t help but incorporate our Riviera Linen Bedding in Yellow.

And of course, there’s no better way to bring in the feel of Italy than with olives, marble, and wine! Our Carlisle Marble Wine Cooler, Carlisle Marble Cheese Board, Trapani Olive Jars, and Olive Topiary Tree are all little accents that can bring the feel of Italy to your home. You know, in case you can’t actually vacation on the Amalfi Coast this year!

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