Update Your Bedding for Summer

Change your bed linens for summer

Dressing a bed for warm weather

Your needs for your home change greatly depending on the time of year. In the winter, we need cozy spaces with blankets, layers, and plushness to combat the winter chill. And of course in the summer, we need the reverse. Crisp linens, gentle breezes, and breathable fabrics are so important in helping you get a good nights rest. So, in this post, we’d like to help you dress your bed for warm weather!

Cotton matelassé from Ballard Designs

Cottons, Linens, and Blends

First things first, focus on breathable fabrics that won’t suffocate you when the heat and humidity hit. We love classic, 100% cotton percale (psst, it’s pronounced per-keyl) sheets, especially during the summer. But a pair of beautiful linen sheets, like our Casa Florentina Washed Linen Sheets are a luxurious alternative if you love the feel of linen and linen’s relaxed texture.

On the bed above, we used our 100% cotton Signature Diamond Matelassé Coverlet in white, paired with our Riviera Linen Bedding, and a classic set of all white percale sheets.

Switch heavier down comforters for lighter, summer weight down

Skip the Down Comforter

Down is a must in the winter time, but in the warmer months, its time to fold it up and store it away in your linen closet. Or if you live in a part of the world that gets an evening chill, at least swap your heavy down comforter for a lighter, summer weight comforter like we did on the bed above.

Here’s a tip, if you like to keep a lighter weight comforter on the bed in case you get chilly in the middle of night, fold the comforter into thirds so that the top edge is facing the headboard. That way, it’s easy to reach down and grab a corner even if you’re half asleep!

A light matelasse is the perfect cover for your bed in the summer

Accent with a Throw Blanket

Year round, we love an all-white bed because it’s just so fresh and never goes out of style. Plus, what says, “relax!” like white bed linens? But, when warm weather comes around and we’re surrounded by blooming flowers, bright clothing, and great weather, it’s only natural to want to bring in some colorful accessories. A colorful throw blanket is the perfect way to do that. It’s much lighter than a quilt or comforter, but it still brings in that fun element we often crave during warm months.

On the bed above, we used a bright pink herringbone throw blanket just at the foot of the bed. Isn’t it pretty?

Floral Bloom Matelasse comforter from Ballard Designs

We ♥ Matelassés

Matelassés are the perfect summer cover.  You can tell a matelassé by the beautiful pattern that’s woven into the cover using only thread. This woven technique gives a matelasse the padded look of a quilt, but using only a single piece of fabric. The reason we love them so is because they bring a beautiful pattern and texture to your bed, while still being very light — the perfect topper for your bed in the summertime!

We particularly love our  Floral Bloom Matelasse Bedding Collection because it has the most beautiful tone-on-tone pattern, all woven in a cotton blend that’s machine washable and super soft!

Blue and white bedroom with a nautical feel

Dress Your Bed like you Dress Yourself … in Layers!

During the hottest days, you can bet the AC will work overtime, so sometimes it might actually get too cold in your bedroom. We like to dress our bedroom like we dress ourselves, with lots of light layers!

In the bedroom above, we used a lightweight matelasse (our Diamond Matelasse Coverlet, made of 100% cotton of course) and a lightweight quilt (our Ticking Stripe Quilt, also 100% cotton). Together, you’ll be prepared for warm nights or evenings that get a little too chilly.

Stripes are a great pattern for summer

Think Cool Colors

Color is a great way to make your bed and your bedroom feel lighter during this time of year, and cool colors definitely give a space that relaxed, coastal feel, even if you’re nowhere near the water. If you love a preppier vibe, run with a navy and white color scheme. Or if you like things more spa-like, you can never go wrong with spa blue of course!

In the bedroom above, we used our Ticking Stripe Quilted Bedding in Navy, and of course we incorporated other navy blue accents, like our Mykonos Hand Woven Rug, and our Wake Knot Pillow.

For more design inspiration, visit our Pinterest Boards, or find more gorgeous rooms in our Photo Gallery

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    June 12, 2016

    Love the sheer curtains with ties and shade. Is that something I can purchase on this site?

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    May 8, 2016

    I am absolutely loving the design of the yellow bedding room!! I just ordered all of it 🙂 Where is the headboard from?

    • Reply

      Caroline @ How to Decorate

      May 9, 2016

      We love hearing that you like this space so much. It’s a really beautiful room. Unfortunately that headboard has been discontinued. However, we suggest you look into our Natural Woven Sand fabric which can be upholstered on any of our headboards. It’s a beautiful raffia-like texture that will give you the same feel as the headboard featured in this room. You can order a swatch for free and see what you think!
      Happy Decorating,
      The How to Decorate Team

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    July 30, 2015

    These are great tips! I’ve been wanting to redecorate my room for so long; I’ve had the same bedding since I was 12. I love the tip about choosing cool colors. I feel like cool colors can really make a room feel bigger. My room is pretty small, so that’s definitely something that I want to do. Thanks for sharing!

    • Reply

      Caroline @ How to Decorate

      July 31, 2015

      Of course, Lisa! Thanks for your comment!

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    May 1, 2015

    It’s always fun to change out our bedroom with the changing seasons. This article shows perfectly how to lighten and brighten a room for Spring and summer even when there is still cool nights but bright sunny days.

    One of my fondest memories is helping my grandmother freshen and prepare the house for each season and the Spring freshening was one of the bests. The difference in the rooms and house and porch and veranda was stunning and everyone felt the changes.

    Is there anything prettier or brighter than a soft white Matelasse coverlet and polished wood or lush padded pieces!

    Lovely article with excellent suggestions!