Decorating Dilemma: Lauren’s Little Living Room

Beach inspired living room

Beach inspired living room

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Hi How to Decorate!

We are moving into our first home!! Our living space is very, very small 169″x 159.” We want to make it comfy but not cluttered. We love a space with a beachy vibe and coastal colors.

We painted the space a very light turquoise, almost seafoam. 

We need your help!


view from kitchen
Lauren's living room before

Dear Lauren,

Thank you for your decorating dilemma. We absolutely love the color you have painted your room and think it has created a great place to start. By adding a lot of texture you can create interest in the room without creating clutter.

On the left entrance wall, an excellent option as a catch all for keys, dog leashes, or mail is a Brookfield Demilune.  A beautiful Bone Sunburst Mirror hanging above will reflect light and is a perfect place to double check your appearance on your way out the door.

Our Leafy Herringbone Jute Rug will protect your gorgeous wood floors while providing a soft walkway. A Davenport Apartment Sofa, with a machine washable Super White Twill slipcover, is the ideal size sofa for a smaller room and it makes a nice pop of bright white. We suggest flanking the sofa with a pair of Sloane Wingback Chairs to offer additional seating – especially while entertaining.  Now nestle a Sloan Wood Ball Floor Lamp between the sofa and chair for extra lighting.  Include a white Small Morgan Cocktail Table stationed in front of the sofa … a perfectly scaled place for a drink, remotes, and magazines.

Pillows are an easy way to add texture and pattern into a room. Since your sofa is a blank canvas, have fun with the pillow infusing oodles of color! Pillows made in Sahara Spa and Farin Ikate is where we started.

A white Morgan Double Wide Low Shelf on the wall across from the windows can be used for a media stand. Shelving baskets can hide any accessories or boxes.

Happy Decorating,

The Design Team

Beach inspired living room

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  1. Reply

    Janet Woodman

    November 4, 2014

    Where is the finished room? Lauren’s living room. Would love to see it. Thank you

  2. Reply

    linda haneline

    October 23, 2014

    What great suggestions for the room! Such a subtle beach vibe with the wall color.