Tobi Fairley’s Master Bedroom in the 2014 Hampton Showhouse

Tobi Fairley's Master Bedroom in the Hampton Designer Showhouse

Each year we’re proud to sponsor the Traditional Home Hampton Designer Showhouse which benefits the Southampton Hospital. This year’s showhouse located in Bridgehampton was a fantastic success. We sat down with interior designer Tobi Fairley to talk about her master bedroom design, as well as the adjoining deck which was furnished using Ballard Designs products!

Tobi Fairley's Master Bedroom in the Hampton Designer Showhouse

Ballard Designs: We loved the bold color palette you chose for the master bedroom and adjoining deck. What made you land on orange and gray for this space?

Tobi Fairley: I like the balance of masculine and feminine style in the space, something that’s often important for a master bedroom. The grays are soothing and calm, and then the pops of orange play well against that neutral base. I also like that the orange is a bit muted and has a grayed tone to it. The two colors balance really well together!

BD: Combining patterns is really something that sets your style apart from other designers. What kind of personality did you want this combination of patterns to give the master bedroom?

TF: Again, this room was all about balance – soft curves and hard lines, florals and geometrics, masculine and feminine. I’m really known for mixing patterns and color in a space, and I just loved how these patterns worked together. All of the patterns also have an organic or natural look to them, with the trellis, the floral in the toile, the faux bois, and even the sisal rug. That’s also a nice way to bring that outdoor area into the room itself.

Tobi Fairley's Master Bedroom in the Hampton Designer Showhouse

BD: In this space, you used two patterns very liberally, the orange toile and the gray trellis print. How did you blend such a traditional pattern with a very modern pattern without it feeling disjointed?

TF: You have to look for what they have in common, like the gray and taupe colors. And you have to be sure that the scale of each pattern is different. The toile is really the focus of the room because it’s such a bright color, so the geometric pattern is simpler and really plays as a neutral.

Tobi Fairley's Master Bedroom in the Hampton Designer Showhouse

BD: When designing a master bedroom, what are the key pieces you like to focus on?

TF: I always want there to be a comfortable bed that can be an oasis. We all want to escape into our homes at the end of a long day, right? So I like to have soft fabrics and lots of pillows to welcome you home. Then I also look for seating pieces and functional tables. Like most busy women, I also work in my bedroom, I read to my daughter there, I catch up on the news there – so I want to be sure there are plenty of places to sit, to put a computer or television, and to hold lamps and books.

BD: The art pieces were two surprising elements in this space because they are so different! How did you pick those?

TF: They are very different, but they still relate directly to the design of the room. They are that balance between masculine and feminine, too. The floral photograph – which I absolutely love – is a part of the botanical theme in the space, like the toile. And the modern painting fits well with the color theme, as well as the geometrics in the room.

Tobi Fairley's Master Bedroom in the Hampton Designer Showhouse

BD: Let’s move outside to the adjoining deck, what do you imagine a homeowner might use this deck for?

TF: There is a bar area in the room that has a built-in fridge, as well as a space for a coffee maker. I can imagine the homeowners going out onto the deck with champagne at night to watch the spectacular sunsets, and then enjoying their coffee and the papers out there in the morning. It’s such a relaxing space with an amazing view!

Tobi Fairley's Master Bedroom in the Hampton Designer Showhouse

BD: How did this vision influence the furniture pieces you brought into the space?

TF: I wanted the seating outside to be comfortable, as well as durable and able to stand up to the elements. And I wanted the coffee table to serve as a place to set drinks or books, and to offer a nice place to put your feet up.

Tobi Fairley's Master Bedroom in the Hampton Designer Showhouse

BD: You can take one piece from either of your show house spaces with you home. What would it be?

TF: Oh wow, that’s a tough one. I really do love that floral photograph over the fireplace, and I did want to sneak it out in my car when I left, so I guess that is an obvious choice! But I also like the seating, both indoors and out!

Thank you so much, Tobi, for sitting down with us to chat about the Showhouse. Your space was gorgeous!

Visit Tobi Fairley’s website and blog,  or learn more about the Hampton Showhouse including visitors information.

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