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Are you one of those people who packed away your mercury glass after the holidays? We’ve got news for you: while the sparkle of mercury glass and the splendor of the holidays are a perfect match, it’s a look you can work right now.

“We love mercury glass year round,” says Ballard’s Accessories Buyer Angela Atkinson. “It’s a great way to add subtle sparkle anywhere in your home.”

So set out your candlesticks, fill your bowls and turn on your lamps. It’s time to let your mercury glass shine all season long.


A Quick History Lesson

One of the first true forms of art glass, silvered mercury glass was first produced in the 1840s in what is now Czech Republic for display rather than utilitarian purposes. Originally known as peasant’s silver, the glass was blown double-walled and then filled with a silvering liquid between the layers and sealed. The glass object could then pass as solid silver to the casual observer. Today, we celebrate the artform for its own unique beauty and have perfected the look of mercury glass — although today’s versions are not actually made of mercury.


Why We Love It

We love the sheer versatility of mercury glass. Whether you prefer a more traditional, contemporary or bohemian aesthetic, you can find a design that fits your decor. “The beauty of mercury glass is that it works in all decor styles,” Angela says.

The sleek organic shapes of mercury glass objects are another quality that lends the look so much appeal. And, of course, there’s the finish. The lustrous glow of the silvered glass adds extra polish to a formal room or serves as a welcome counterpoint in a relaxed decor full of rustic finishes.


How We Decorate with It

In spring and summer, try pairing your mercury glass accessories with lighter and more washed tones, recommends Angela. Or, use the shimmer as a fabulous complement to brights.


“I love mercury glass with sea-inspired elements! It’s probably my favorite look of the season,” offers Angela.

Mercury glass also partners well with blue and white porcelain.

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    May 5, 2014

    Hi guys! When are you going to posts the decorating dilemma for the week? I submitted mine but haven’t seen any post for today. Thanks

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    May 5, 2014

    These are fresh ideas on using the Mercury Glass I already have in my Christmas decorations! I always hated putting them away because they are so wonderful to look at. Are they still available at Ballard Designs even now?