Decorating Tips from our Spring 2014 Catalog

Front door with personalized letter over it

You may have seen the quick tips we’ve been adding to the pages of our Ballard Designs catalog over the past couple of editions. We love the chance to throw a few extra decorating ideas at you whenever we have the chance, and we thought, ‘why not showcase those handy tips on How to Decorate too?’ So here we are, with the launch of each new season, we’ll be rounding up our favorite tips from the pages and sharing them with you.

Tips for buying the right height stool

Shopping for stools can be tricky, especially when you aren’t sure which size to order. Here’s our hard and fast rule for getting it right!

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Gray bedroom with zebra print canopy bed

Upholstered furniture is an investment piece, so if you’re going to spring for a new upholstered bed or headboard (we’re obviously smitten with our Louisa Metal Canopy Bed), you should have it upholstered in a fabric that you absolutely love.

Living room with coral accents

The seat of our Dayna Chair pops off easily so you can swap out seat fabrics whenever the mood strikes you. Of course, you can always order it one of our signature prints or solids, but the sky is the limit!

Blues give this family room an inviting, coastal feel

As you embark on your next decorating project, before you do anything, pick a palette. Whether it’s a piece of artwork or a fabric, it’s incredibly helpful to have one color palette in mind while you’re deciding on artwork, drapes, rugs, and even a wall color.

Layer art for a more casual look

Layering art is a great way to give your space a little extra personality, and also to bring in seasonal decor without needing to put new holes in the wall. Here, we layered a botanical print over our favorite Grand Palais Mirror for an extra pop of happy yellow in this breakfast room.

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Outdoor porch with furniture in a black and white cabana stripe

If you have an outdoor space that doesn’t fit the normal sizes you’re finding for furniture, design your own perfect sectional! This will help you maximize seating, even in small spaces.

This neutral dining room has mirrors hanging over the windows

If you’re wishing your space had a little bit more architectural interest, consider hanging artwork up high to give walls added interest. Because this dining room doesn’t have crown moulding, we added a pair of mirrors just over the windows so your eye has something to land on.

Living room with coral and blue accents

For a polished, but still impactful, focal point on your living room wall, go for two large coordinating prints, rather than a bunch of teeny tiny ones. We love the way this gorgeous pair works with the accents we’ve chosen throughout the room.

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