4 Ways to Put a Desk to Work

Different uses for desks around the home

A desk used as a nightstand

The days of letter writing may be long gone, but the desk will always remain an essential piece of furniture. No matter it’s purpose or where it may be stationed, a desk keeps us organized amid the everyday chaos. And though it’s certainly a practical piece of furniture, it can also be a very stylish addition to any room. Here are four ways you can put a desk to work in your home.

A desk in a bright, open living room

Console Table

As technology has slimmed down, so has the desk. Today’s more streamlined designs feature gorgeous legs and pared-down drawers, making them perfect candidates to play the role of console table. Use one in your entry, behind a sofa or as a buffet or bar in a small dining room. All that’s missing is a lamp!

A secretary desk in a living room

Family Room Storage

The original desk, the secretary is an elegant way to add extra storage in a family room. The clean lines and feminine proportions of our Medici Secretary add a sense of scale without overwhelming the space. It’s perfect for keeping DVDs, tech gadgets and games out of sight. And there’s just something romantic about displaying family photos and treasured books behind the traditional chicken-wire front.

Large desk next to a bed for a nightstand

Bedside Table

Whether you have a spacious master bedroom or a cramped studio apartment, choosing functional furnishings that can pull double-duty is a savvy way to fill the space. Place a desk beside your bed to hold your nighttime reading as well as serve as a vanity and work station. To further make the most of the space, add a glamorous mirror above or hang shelves for additional storage and display.

Use a desk near a door for a handy drop spot

All-Purpose Station

A desk is home base for many families. Put it in a convenient place, and it becomes the perfect spot to drop your keys and your mail. Use the drawers to stash takeout menus, kids’ school papers and your tablet. And when you need to check your email or your Facebook page, pull up a chair and sit for a spell — with a glass of wine in hand.

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