How to Group Artwork

A collection of framed photographs on a wall

How to group art pieces on a wall

With the fear of putting lots of tiny nail holes all over your wall, we know it can sometimes be daunting to hang a gallery wall or collection of art pieces in an empty space. But with a few tips below, you can feel confident about grouping together your favorite pieces for an impactful collection, just like you see in our catalogs.

1. Create symmetry

If you’re thinking of covering a large wall but aren’t sure how to strike the right arrangement, focus on symmetry. In almost any situation, a symmetrical arrangement of art pieces will feel pulled together and polished. Above, we topped the windows with a series of 6 framed prints, while in between, we used a large wall clock. Even though the different pieces are hung in an untraditional way, the fact that it’s perfectly symmetrical gives the arrangement a sense of order and intentionality.

Grouping art pieces together on a wall

2. Focus on a unifying element

If you’d like to combine pieces of varying sizes, like the collection of framed photographs above, focus on selecting a unifying element. Here, we chose to all black and white photographs, so even though they’re in frames of different finishes, their black and white color palette unites them and makes them feel like a collection. Of course, the unifying element doesn’t need to be the subject of the art. Matching frames are a great way to join pieces on a wall.

Learn how to group art pieces together


3. Do a balancing act

If you’re working with a collection or on a wall that can’t be perfectly symmetrical, then focus on creating balance. On this wall, a collection of dog prints are grouped together around a large mirror, and while they aren’t perfectly symmetrical, there’s a balance to them. To create this balance, we placed a large gourd lamp right up against the wall. Even though it isn’t an art print, visually it fills any gap in the arrangement, giving a balance to the entire collection.

Layer art pieces for extra interest

4. Layer pieces together

To give this collection of prints a little more personality, we layered a sunburst mirror right on top. This is a great way to create huge impact on a wall! If you’re thinking of layering, consider the shapes of the different pieces. In the space above, this layered collection works because the radial shape of the sunburst mirror contrasts the very angular arrangement of the egg prints, creating a lovely contrast. But if you don’t have a sunburst mirror, you can use a smaller round piece on top of a square or rectangular piece (or vice versa) for a similar look.

Simplify by using large scale pieces

5. Simplify with large scale pieces

If you’re looking for a grouping that feels a little more simplified but still has presence, choose a pair or trio of large prints. Two oversized pieces that have a similar subject matter and matching frame are an easy way to make a big statement, without complicating things. Two larger, complementary pieces are especially lovely in rooms with lots of furniture pieces because they don’t clutter up the wall, but still feel worthy of such a large space.

For more tips on how to hang pieces, read our thorough how-to guide, or find wall decor inspiration by browsing our Pinterest Board.

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    March 12, 2015

    Love this segmant on arranging your choice of art! Can that be featured in your catalog?

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    Ruth Venezia

    March 12, 2015

    Loved use of”balancing act”. Really appreciate time and eye on that one in particular! Have a problem with lamp in no. 2. My eye feels it hurts the compositin.
    Now all I need is wall space. Over all nice post.