Decorating Dilemma: Large Blank Wall Spaces

Beth's bedroom

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Dear How to Decorate,

I have a large master bedroom with big expanses of blank walls. I like minimal but not bare! I need help accessorizing the walls and selecting a side table for the chair.

I am considering an armoire (like the Chadwick Media Armoire) to replace the smaller-sized dresser between the windows. I’m also considering moving the botanicals to another blank wall, but I hesitate to add more brown wood furniture. The Louis Armoire seems too narrow.

I’d like to maintain the neutral, “filtered- sunlight” color palette. I love the way Ballard mixes furniture finishes and adds a balanced splash to walls.

Any suggestions appreciated!





Dear Beth,

Thank you for your Decorating Dilemma. We love the neutral tones in your bedroom. We do know that we can help you pull everything together with a few additions.

Let’s start with the wall behind the bed. We think it should become an accent wall, and we chose Benjamin Moore Northampton Putty (HC-89) as the paint color. It’s still neutral but will make a statement!

Above your night stands, our Sacha Mirrors will add light and depth. Above the bed, we chose our Birch Grove Giclee to be centered.

You can hang the small mirror above the console. We chose new bedding, the Ardwyn Embroidered Damask Duvet set in Cappuccino. This will introduce a patterned texture into the mix!

Let’s remove the botanical prints from the window wall and replace the dresser with our Louis Armoire with antique mirror doors and finished in Distressed Off-White over Gray.  Next to the club chair, place our Elsie Console with our Ellis table lamp in Amber on top. For soft lighting, try placing the mirror from above your bed on the wall above the Elsie Console.

Your dresser can be placed across the room opposite the windows. Now hang your botanical prints above the dresser. We chose pieces that will “spark” some light into your bedroom without loosing that neutral feel you are looking for.

Please let us know what you think, and don’t forget to send some pictures when you complete your look!

Happy Decorating,

The How To Decorate Team


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    October 10, 2014

    Thanks for the reply. I am not sure that you understood that the Chadwick Armoire is the piece I want for my
    flatscreen TV and it’s components. The question I need answered is “can this piece be painted” and how to
    go about it. I have looked long and hard for such a piece and it fits the bill. Other option is to have a cabinet custom
    built and I would rather not do that.

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      Caroline @ How to Decorate

      March 25, 2015

      Hi Carol,
      This is a tricky question as we don’t typically construct our furniture so that it would be painted, but with the right primer and paint, we don’t think this would be a problem. You might also have it painted professionally to make sure the new finish is extra durable and streak-free!
      Best of luck!
      The How to Decorate Team

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    October 4, 2014

    I desperately want to purchase the slim Chadwick armoire for my living room. It is just what I need to hide the
    flat screen TV. HOWEVER, the wood tones are not right for my living room – way too dark. Can this piece of
    furniture be painted? I am thinking of having a rubbed milk type finish done in white. The wall colors are Benjamin Moore Golden Straw and trim White Dove. This is a 1920 home and I have transitional furniture. The cabinet needs to blend into the space not stand out! Looking forwart to a reply.

    • Reply

      Caroline @ How to Decorate

      October 9, 2014

      Hi Carol,
      We’re happy to hear the you like our Slim Chadwick armoire, but we totally understand your concern about it matching your existing pieces. Our Design Solutions team would be happy to help you come up with a plan for your space. It’s a free service exactly for that purpose! Simply complete this form, and our team will come up with a design plan for you. Perhaps we have another piece of furniture that would be a good option instead of the Slim Chadwick.
      Best of luck!
      The How to Decorate Team

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    April 11, 2014

    I do not see anywhere how to contact the Ballard decorating team. There are no links or instructions. Advice?

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      How to Decorate Team

      April 16, 2014

      Hi Sally,

      You can submit your question through this form, our team will create a plan for you!

      Happy Decorating,
      The How to Decorate Team