3 Reasons to Celebrate the Holidays with Us

Christmas ornaments inspired by Paris

This holiday season we’re feeling inspired by the places we love most. From the glitz and glimmer of Paris to classic red London to a snow white Nordic seascape, our favorite destinations are even more enchanting during the holidays. We’ve drawn upon the essence of each to create three themed collections, giving you three more reasons to celebrate the holidays with us.

Each collection features mix and match tree ornaments and accessories, imagined for that very “magical Christmas tree moment,” says Pallavi Naidu, VP of Merchandising.

“Christmas is a time for collection,” she says. “These ornaments are perfect for starting your first collection or for incorporating into an existing collection.

And for the globe trotter our themed collections also serve as a thoughtful souvenir, points out Pallavi. “These are beautiful ornaments that anyone can enjoy, but for others, perhaps they are looking for something that can hearken back to a place they’ve traveled to before.”

1.    Parisian Holiday

There’s nothing quite like the sparkle of our favorite city of lights during the holidays: Thousands of glittering white lights draped like diamonds along the tree-lined Champs-eysees; the windows of Galeries Layfayette and Printemps decked out in their fabulous holiday finery. It’s that glamour that inspired our Parisian Holiday Collection, says Pallavi.

Holiday decor inspired by Paris

“People love to decorate for the holidays with gold and silver for that beautiful shimmer affect,” she says. “The pieces in our collection are reminiscent of the twinkling lights in Paris at night—they bring that sparkle home.”

Holiday decor inspired by Paris

From antiqued mercury glass to polished silver to lustrous gold, our Parisian Ornaments create a glamorous, festive look. The natural texture of burlap, washed wood and thick cable knits act as the perfect foil to bring it all down to earth.

2.    English Holiday

Christmas ornaments inspired by London

It’s not hard to conjure a classic English holiday: a blustery December night, a roaring fire and the curl-up comfort of a leather sofa just big enough for two. Our English Holiday Collection captures the romance of an English winter. Vintage, collected and richly layered, the palette evokes the countryside: lush forest greens, pheasant browns and snowy whites. Of course, the collection wouldn’t be complete without touches of glittering red and green—just like London at Christmas—to keep the mood merry and bright.

Red and green Christmas decor, inspired by London

“This is a classic color story,” Pallavi says. “Red and green is such a memorable and classic combination at Christmastime. Does it ever get old?”

Red and green Christmas decor, inspired by London

From traditional plaid to mercury glass in red and green to the iconic symbols of London, these oh-so-British ornaments make a fun and festive addition to any tree—and richly complement the warmth of wood, wool and leather. How will you recreate the English Holiday look in your own home?

3.    Nordic Seaside Holiday

Christmas ornaments inspired by the Nordic Seaside

Far to the north, where the arctic ice joins the Norwegian Sea, earth meets sky in a seemingly endless horizon. The colors of winter change to icy blue, winter white and moody sea foam. Our Nordic Seaside Collection embodies the soul of that vast wintry landscape.

Christmas ornaments inspired by the Nordic Seaside

“We felt very inspired by the simplicity of the palette in the Northern European region,” says Pallavi. “Think about people who live in coastal homes who decorate their trees with shells. It’s so simple and yet so beautiful.”

In our most serene collection, playful seaside motifs, from silvery whales and sea lions to glittering shells to ice white snowflakes, alight any tree with imagination and wonder. To continue the cool look, layer in cozy comforts and wrapped gifts in the same ice white and pale blue palette.

Christmas ornaments inspired by the Nordic Seaside

Which theme is your favorite? How have we inspired you to decorate your home for the holidays? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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    Jean Facciol

    January 5, 2015

    Beautiful ideas. Can’t wait to try them out next Christmas. Wish I had found this sooner