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Dear Style Studio,

I’m struggling with my family room. The couch has to stay, but I can change anything else. I don’t like the rug. What do you suggest?

I want to stay really neutral. I would like to add a cream linen fabric or details but don’t know how to blend this in with the couch that is a caramel color. Do you like the brown leather ottoman and chair? Or maybe I should replace these? Any suggestions for new pillows on the couch?

Thanks for any suggestions!



mer anders


Dear Mer,

Just a few changes should make a difference! Let’s start with the rug. We think the Allure Rug will work to anchor the space.

Next, let’s add two Terrific Trio Tables with Ivory Burlap tablecloths on either end of the sectional. Place an Ellis Glass Table Lamp on each table to balance the look. Now for the pillows for the sectional, cover the pillows in our Felicity Spa fabric for a “pop” of color.  Our Allure Giclee will help to pull things together too.

Then, try adding a few personal pictures in matching frames, and we think you will have a warm and inviting family room.

Happy Decorating,

The Style Studio Team

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