Help Accessorize my Living Room by Lauren I.

Lauren's living room

Lauren's living room

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Dear Style Studio

Here’s a challenge! You’ve helped me before, and I’m hoping you can do it again. My living room feels a little naked. I’m not set on the furniture placement, and I’m open to all suggestions. I was thinking maybe one of your terrific round tables in the corner between the living room and dining room but in what pattern? And what goes on or above it? Then, what about the armoire? Do I keep it centered and hang mirrored images on either side? Or do I move it over and put a bench or something in the center of the wall? Then theres the wall with the windows — what goes there? So many questions. Help!



Lauren's living room

Lauren's living room

Dear Lauren,

Thank you for your dilemma. We have a few ideas to help you complete your look in the living room. Let’s start with the windows. To help soften the look, we chose our Frienze Panels in brown which should be hung from the ceiling to the floor. Next, let’s place our Terrific Trio Table covered in Tamerlane Tauupe fabric. You can also add some pillows covered in the Tamerlane Taupe to add texture and pattern. How about our Anna Table Lamp on top of the Tamerlane Tablecloth?

On the armoire wall, we think a pair of our Garden District Mirrors in white on each side of the armoire will add light and architectural interest to the room.

On the opposite wall, we feel the small table looks out of place. We would like to see our large Benedetta Console in Tuscan Brown centered on the wall. We are adding our Enchanted II Giclee hung above the console and two Maria Buffet Lamps on the console.

With these additions to your living room, we think you will have a finished look that is inviting and warm. Don’t forget to send us some pictures. We love the feedback!

Happy Decorating,

The Style Studio Team

Style Studio's design plan for Lauren's Living Room

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