What To Do For Sliding Glass Doors?

I have those panel things on my sliding glass doors but I hate them. They are ugly. What else can I do?

I don’t have a picture but I did attach one that I found that looks similar to what is on my doors.


Without any further information, we suggest our drapery panels hung as close to the ceiling and have the rod extend 6″ beyond the casing – so you can pull the drapes off the window for maximum light.  We have such a wide variety of colors and patterns, we are sure you can find something that will make your window fabulous!

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    Heather Massoth

    September 30, 2013

    Remove them is step #1; enjoy the view! Horrible view? You can apply decorative films that are flat and non-encumbersome to your space. Also they have blinds that attach top & bottom… and if you are really ambitious, you can have top down, bottom up option for phases of privacy as well as changing light and desirable view. I had a blinds guy here the other day and they offer, side blinds! where you strecth the blind open or closed SIDEWAYS!!!. Explore your options. Start at removable appliquies for emergency fix TODAY ! (Stained glass, warped glass, fuzzy glass and checkered designs – stickers). One more: You can have an ultra violet ray sticker applied, for harmful sun ray deflection, Or mirrored, so you can see out…they can’t see in. Good Luck!