Tall Living Room With Kitchen Dividing Wall

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Dear Style Studio,

We recently moved into a new home with a half-vaulted ceiling.

The lowest wall is about 15 feet high and it’s in the shape of a “T” because it divides the kitchen from the living room.

We have no idea how to setup the room or how to decorate the walls. Any help would be amazing!

The TV is currently on the diving wall, the recliner chair stayed with the house along with the couch.

We also have 2 other tobacco colored recliners. The window coverings are blue and there are vents below each window and one between the couch and the lamp on the far left side of the below photo.


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With large expanses of wall space, we sometimes feel compelled to fill it all up but it’s not always necessary.

Just adding a few pieces to an area will display a focal point and create a well proportioned room.

For the wall on which your flat screen is positioned, we suggest “bulking up” your media center.

Our Tuscan Media Console with the hutch is a fantastic option and will provide height on your tall wall.

With a taller media center in place, you can add a collection of art or wall plaques to create a focal point in the room.

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Since you have another expanse of wall on the opposite side of the room, we suggest anchoring this wall space above the sofa with a large single piece and then fill around the piece with a wall art grouping.

We recommend our Shaded Tree Giclee as a fabulous start. Build out with mirrors, wall plaques or sconces.
Our Bateau Wood Mirrors are a colorful selection.

Another idea for making a wall area appear full is to bring in table lamps with a grand presence about them.

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When neutrals abound within a space, adding a little color will go far in making the room feel perfectly sized.

You will be amazed how a room will shrink to the right proportion once you add appropriate and colorful accessories … little gems perfectly placed throughout a space.

Good luck and Happy Decorating!

The Style Studio Team

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