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Dear Style Studio Team,

I have struggled with adding finishing touches to tables, sideboards, etc. for years. I pour through every Ballard Designs catalog and see so many beautiful things; however, I cannot envision how to put them together in my home.

There are three in particular that I am looking to pep up with some bling: the table and sideboard in the dining room, and the coffee table in the family room (you can see my sorry excuse for decorating in this picture.) Your help would be GREATLY appreciated!




The great thing about dining room spaces is that whatever you place in the room doesn’t have to remain static … they can change with every dinner occasion.

We suggest to start with three Avery Terrariums lined up in the center of the dining table. These pieces are perfect for the changing season. You can fill them with pine cones in the fall, candy canes in the winter and colorful eggs in the spring time! Slip a Southern Living Hemstitch Table Runner under the Terrariums to provide a platform on which they can gather.

Avery Terrarium

On the sideboard, position Pierre the Pig by one of the lamps and then gather a collection of candlesticks by the other lamp, to provide beautiful ambiance. Pierre insists on being quite the conversation piece, especially when you wrap a ribbon around his neck.

Pierre The Pig

We recommend replacing your current chandelier shades with Linen Trim Chandelier for a fresh pop of color.

Linen Trim Red Shade

For your coffee table, we let’s start with a stack your favorite coffee table books. You can never go wrong with beautiful literature! Add in our Southern Living Rectangular Tray in Blue and then load up this colorful tray with pillar candles or little tasty treats when guest are visiting. Our Wooden Capitols or a collection of Turtle Shells are always great decorating options for a cocktail table.

Turtle Shells

When styling horizontal spaces, keep an open mind and think outside the box for creative solutions! Good luck and Happy Decorating!

The Style Studio Team

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    Heather Massoth

    September 4, 2013

    Tall teal vases. Or red ones to match your pillows. Paint those table legs red. Theme out for the sesons, with appropriate matching mugs and colors. I did a bench behind the couch to get height, with flowers vases and another place to put candle sticks place my mug.