My Dining Room Lacks Pizzazz

Dear Style Studio Team,

My dining room needs your help!

Specifically, I just can’t make the wall with the window and the hutch work. You see the Suzanne Kasler sunburst mirrors — how can I make better use of them?

Our table and chairs were purchased from Ballard a few years ago. The giclee on the long wall is also from Ballard, and I want to keep it. We’d also like to keep our hutch and buffet, at least for now. (I used a stencil on the back of the hutch — the pattern reminds me of Ballard’s quatrefoil pattern.) I know they may be a little small in scale. We also have to keep the play kitchen in this room, at least for now — it’s a small rowhouse and this is the only place for it!

I’d love advice on decorating around and inside that hutch. Would also like to replace the red rug with a jute or other natural fiber rug, or indoor-outdoor rug, and replace the chandelier shades.

Thanks so much for your help!


Libby Q 1

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Hi Libby,

We love how you applied your creativity to the back of your hutch. It works nicely with the finish on your mirrors!

The best way to tackle your wall in question is to create a collection of art objects. Doing this will bring your wall into harmony and make the hutch appear visually larger.

First, we suggest centering the hutch between the window and the corner. Next, flank it with pieces of artwork … our Document Chandelier Framed Prints are good options.

Now start building around the artwork with your Suzanne Kasler Mirrors along with other pieces to create a “collection” in this space. Doing this will give the wall definition and create a beautiful focal point.

Libby Q Collage

We also recommend that you replace your chandelier with a taller fixture … this will draw your eye up and utilize your room height. A good example of a light fixture for this application is our Denley Pendant Chandelier.

For a rug that has a jute color background but comes with a little unexpected whimsy, consider our La Poeme Indoor/Outdoor Rug in Chocolate!

Libby Q Collage 1

We look forward to seeing the results of your balanced room and wish you luck!

Happy Decorating!

The Style Studio Team

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