Decorating an Entryway Area

Dear Style Studio,

I don’t know what to put in the upstairs hall (the high wall going up the steps) or what to put on the plant shelf where the window is. I prefer not to put all pictures … I’m looking for something “different.”

Style can be contemporary or coastal … I love sea shell pics too!┬áThe existing picture on the high wall has to go.


Entryway Stairs

Entryway Stairs

Window Above Doorway


Let’s start at the top of the stairs. Consider hanging our Diamante Leaner Mirror on the second floor wall. This mirror will be stunning as it reflects the natural light throughout the entryway.

Diamante Mirror Angled

Next, the wall to the left of the stairs has a unique shape due to its architectural structure. We suggest the best way to tackle this wall is to hang a grouping of different objects.

We have started the idea below using our Bateau Wood Mirrors in Blue and our Conchae Botanica Prints.

Hanging them on a loose grid and working up the stairs produces a single artwork piece made of smaller elements.

Marsha B Collage 2

To help extend the color of the sea shell prints and give your chandelier a little update, we suggest switching your current chandelier shades to our Grasscloth Drum Shades in chambray blue.

For your final area of concern, the ledge under the window, you might consider leaving it empty … giving the focus to other areas in the space.

If you still feel compelled to add something, try a single element. A large lantern placed slightly to the right of the window sill will give just the right amount of interest to this space. Add one of our remote Flameless Candles for easy control.

Happy Decorating!

The Style Studio Team

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