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Dear Style Studio,

I have a master bedroom full of dark cherry furniture. I like the furniture, but I don’t want any more pieces.

Now I need a media shelf/space and I want something different that will blend in. Shelving needs to be next to the dresser, unless you would recommend moving the dresser.

Isn’t the dog cute? Suggestions?

Thank you,


Bedroom photo

Bedroom photo


Your dog is a cutie … we adore canines with attitude!

For small media furniture, consider a metal or iron etagere. They usually provide the necessary height and they won’t feel too heavy in your space. Our Wilton Etagere is a fabulous example!

Wilton Eteregere Lifestyle

If wall hung shelves are what you desire, we suggest stacking several shelves and then visually ground them with a bench or oversized basket placed just below the shelving stack.

Travelers Wicker Chest lifestyle

For the best finish option in your room, we recommend selecting a piece that is constructed of metal so it echos the finish of your bed.

Happy Decorating!

Style Studio Team

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