Can You Extend Curtains?

Dear Style Studio Team,

I have beautiful windows in my family room. It is 120 inches from the top of the window to the floor. The ceiling is 12 feet high.

I love the fringed burlap curtains in the catalog but they are only 108 inches. Would the curtains have to go to the floor or is there a way to extend them?


Gina R 1


There are a couple of options we recommend.

First: consider hanging your panels at the top of the double-hung windows and then add a simple grille to the transom windows for added architectural detail.

Second: the drapery panels can be lengthened with a little extra effort. Simply purchase an extra panel for cutting into the extensions pieces that will be added to the bottom of each drapery panel. This can be done by yourself or accomplished by someone who can sew.

Good luck!

The Style Studio Team

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