Storage For A Tiny Bedroom

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Dear How to Decorate team,

My name is Zen. I currently live with my partner in a three-bedroom apartment in Queens, N.Y.

The dilemma is that our bedroom is so tiny we have no space for our clothes, shoes and other stuff. We have a bathroom in our bedroom and it is almost bigger than our bedroom!

Storage is the worst in our small space. Our closet is full to the max and very sloppy and I have no idea how to start to organize it.

When we do laundry, all our clean clothes stay in bags because there’s no room to put the clothes away.

Please help, because I am stressed and I am tired of living like a bag lady!



Zen Bedroom
Zen Bedroom

Zen Bedroom Zen Bedroom

Zen Bedroom

Hi Zen,

It seems that storage can always a challenge no matter what the size of your space.

The secret to your bedroom is our Abbeville Collection. Using different pieces, we recommend filling the window wall with a series of storage components that takes advantage of every inch of the wall.

Another spot that you can capture is to the right of your bed. Add additional Abbeville components to this space in the white finish … shelf space and drawers. One fabulous feature of this collection is that you can choose wood or rattan for the drawers!

Abbeville 5-piece in black

Once you have most of your closet items stowed away in your new storage, we suggest installing two hanging poles, at different heights, to provide double the needed hanging space.

When you configure the pieces you will need for your entire space, consider ordering all your pieces in the same white color to help keep the room feeling as open as possible.

Happy Decorating!

The How to Decorate Team

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