Need Help Decorating My Foyer

Hello Style Studio Team,

I’m having a hard time trying to figure out what to do with my foyer. Not sure if I should get rid of the stripes, get a new console and mirror? Or do a bench and mirror?






Thanks for your question! Let’s start with the walls – try a new coat of paint. The stripes are nice, but for a fresh update we suggest painting the wall a lighter version of your living room color.

Our Ananda Table is a marvelous option for your space because of it’s lovely finish and that it is narrow in depth. Consider adding the Paris Horse Linen Tapestry above the table and then flank the tapestry with two of our Chateau Candle Lanterns as a simple approach.

Maria H Collage

For an added softness to the space, tuck 1 or 2 Corbe Ottomans between the table legs. These ottomans are perfect to pull up when extra seating is needed.

A final suggestion … add a stack of small mirrors on either side of the living room opening or hang our Diamante Leaner Mirror on the wall to the right of the same opening.

Happy Decorating!

The Style Studio Team

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