Will The Table And Stools Blend Well?

Dear Style Studio Team,

We are interested in purchasing the Messina dining table and possibly the Marguerite barstools but are concerned whether or not they will compliment the pieces we have already purchased as well as one another.

The home is under renovation but we are going for a “rustic island cottage” motif. We don’t want everything completely antiqued but also don’t want everything to totally match — just want it to blend with the driftwood greys, browns, creams and pale blue and green.

The wall color will be Sherwin Williams Ocean Air (a pale blue) and it has a white clapboard vaulted ceiling in the living area.

If you have suggestions of other pieces that could work better, please provide those too.

Thanks so much!



Jori R 6


It appears that you have a fabulous start on your remodeling! What an exciting adventure.

The good part about your “rustic island cottage” style is that there is a sense of collection … acquiring items over time. We think the Messina Dining Table will fit perfectly into your new style.

The Marquerite Bar Stools will coordinate and repeat the warm tone of your leather sofa and the stripe in your rug.

Another bar stool to consider is our Genoa Bar Stool in a limed finish. The warm wood tone peeks through the transparent white finish color.

Jori Collage

Two other elements that would work perfectly in your new space are our sun baked rattan and  zinc accents. Consider our Zinc Flower Wall Plaques as a bit of whimsy on your walls.

Whichever bar stool you select, you are on your way to a stunning new space.

Good luck and Happy Decorating!

The Style Studio Team

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