Long Hallway and oversized stairway wall

Dear Style Studio,

I have a large corridor hallway. On one side is a living room opening and on the other side are french doors across from the living room. The challenge are the walls up to that break point, because they are four feet each. I am not sure what to put on these walls because I think you would look with your peripheral vision while walking through the corridor, which seems annoyingly distracting.

Also I have a very large staircase with very grand walls throughout. We will be doing woodwork molding throughout that area but for now the walls are bare and insanely big. I have tried a group of family pictures with 20 or so pictures but they did not look very good.

Thank you.


Long Hallway


Hi Melissa,

What dazzling natural light you have coming into your space! Because the walls are right across from each other, consider flanking the walls by the French doors with large mirrors. This prepares your space to hang single art pieces on the walls on either side of your living room opening. The mirror will reflect an image of the artwork. Now when you walk through the area, you will see reflected light and color … how beautiful that would be! Our choice for a  mirror is our Bone Arched Mirror.

Bone Arched Mirror

Now for that large stairway wall … consider adding pieces to the wall that give some visual breathing space. The windows above are in a grid layout so try hanging pieces on your empty space in a random pattern.  We suggest our Relief Plaques Textured in various sizes. Play around with location and size to achieve a truly unique wall treatment.

Relief Plaques

Happy Decorating!

The Style Studio Team

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