Accessories For A Master Bedroom

Dear Style Studio,

We recently redecorated our bedroom with a new bed and all new bedding.

I’m not sure how to decorate my dresser, bedside tables, and chest of drawers. I’m also unsure of whether the mirror above the bed works or not.

I have to purchase new drapes also, just haven’t done so yet.

I appreciate any help or advice you can give!! If you need more photos or info please let me know!








Great job on redecorating your bedroom. Just a few little “tweaks” and you will achieve your goal.

We think you have selected a beautiful mirror but we suggest moving it above your chest of drawers. Now on top of the chest, pair a couple of different shaped topiaries along with your existing pottery piece. The pottery finish works beautifully with the wall color. If you need height variation, use a pretty hard back book as a riser.

We like the idea of our Le Blanc Jardin Prints above your bed because the colors are amazing! Start with two to fill the space between the windows. Your windows … our Chloe Panels in aqua will be perfect for them!

Allison R Collage

Let’s talk about your side tables … we suggest trading places with your two pieces. Because the heavier dresser is on the right, we think the smaller table would work better to the right of the bed. Now we recommend tucking a Jeffrey Floor Lamp in antique silver in the right corner and then adding our Garden Doves to the table top. Finish off the grouping with a small picture frame.

Add a decorative box, like our Carved box, to the side table on the left. Since you enjoy personal photos, add a couple of small frames beside the lamp.

Your dresser has a great start with the vases! Consider adding a third vase to your group but add one of different shape and size. We recommend keeping accessories simple and clean.

The final corner in the room is where your leaner mirror resides. Because most of the finishes in your room are lighter, consider changing the mirror frame to a lighter finish. Now add a Courbe Ottoman in Adler Spa in front of the mirror for a final touch of sophistication.

We hope a few of these tips will help you complete your space … Happy Decorating!

Style Studio Team

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