Accessories For A Family/Game Room

Dear Style Studio Team:

I have this room that’s an extension of my family room. The room features a bar, a hockey table and a table with six chairs.

I need help accessorizing on the walls, especially the long wall where the air hockey table is that I use for my laundry.



Family Room

Family Room

Family Room


Since the wall behind your air hockey table is long, paint a color strip, centered left to right and running from ceiling to floor, to establish a focal point.

Consider keeping the width of the strip between your two recessed lights. You could use the existing accent color of the room or toss in a fresh new color.

Now … we recommend hanging the Chateau Betton Clock above a message chalkboard in this newly painted space. The board is a perfect spot for keeping score when playing games!

Betton Clock

Message Boards

A pair of Suzanne Kasler Map Giclees’ flanking the clock would add visual interest to the rest of the space and showcase two conversational pieces.

World Map Lifestyle

For an extra touch, we suggest adding a mirror above the console that is beneath the stairs. One or two of our Arrondi Mirrors is a good choice for this space.

Why not try a new rug under your table … like our Turin Indoor/Outdoor Rug in red. This rug is a good option because of it’s color and durability. Also, consider a larger size rug under the table to give it more presence in the room.

Denise V collage

Since adequate storage space is always at a premium for most households, why not consider adding a shelving unit in your table area. Our Abbeville Collection is a great option because of the flexibility. For a final whimsy of art, add our Game Board Canvas Art above your table.

Game Board Art

A few new touches in you home can provide an identity for a bland space.

Happy Decorating!

The Style Studio Team

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