Upholstered Bench For Dining Table

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Hi Style Studio!

I just ordered a 60″L x 38″W 17th Century rectangular dining table  – I have attached a picture of the table below (I ordered 2 of the same French round chairs as seen in the picture).

I would like some advice as I am thinking about adding a 52″W Brockton upholstered dining bench, Item UB003, to this table (either in Indochine Ikat Stone, or Callisto Strip Grey).

Do you think this size bench and the patterns that I selected would go well together with the table? Could you kindly advise before I place an order?

Many thanks,



What a beautiful start to your dining area.

We think the style of the Brockton Dining bench would be perfect for your table. Just make sure that the space between the legs will accommodate this length bench.  Accurate measuring is the key!

Deciding between the Indochine Ikat Stone or Callisto Strip Grey depends more on personal taste and what else you will be doing with the room. We favor the Callisto Stripe Grey as an interpretation of the image.

Brockton Bench Callisto Gray

For additional styling, consider adding our Allega Pedestal Bowl in a lime finish as a centerpiece. Fill the bowl with petite flowering plants and surround the pedestal base with a collection of your favorite treasures to finish off the look.  If you need inspiration, try our fabulous Tabletop Santos!

Table Top Santos

Happy Decorating!

Style Studio Team

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