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Susan A 2Susan A 1Dear Style Studio,

I am trying to find the best layout for picture placement on one of my bedroom walls.

It’s a bit difficult because everything on that side of the room has different heights: there’s a standing mirror, a wall hung mirror, a TV on the dresser and lots of jewellery/holders on the dresser at various heights. There is also a smaller makeup table and the laundry basket sits between the standing mirror and the dresser.

I’m also looking at what picture will go between the window and the standing mirror. I have four pictures I’m working with.

I have reviewed a variety of options for all of them but can’t quite figure out what works best. I think the longest picture probably works best between the window and standing mirror but I’m still at a loss of what to do with the other wall and the three other pictures.

The dimensions of the pictures are as follows: Long picture- 30 1/2″ x 8 3/4″, Elephant picture – 13 1/2″ x 10 1/4″, 2x small pictures – 8″ x 10″. The wall hung mirror dimensions are 32″ x 23″. Wall measurements are as follows- Wall hung Mirror To Door is 46″, Dresser to Door is 32″, Standing Mirror to Wall Hung Mirror is 52″ & Standing Mirror to Dresser is 23 1/2″.

What do you think would work best? ¬†Please help as I’m confused.

Susan A.

Susan A 1 with pictures

The placement of existing pictures is fun when you have plenty of wall space.

Starting with your longest picture, consider rotating all the images in your frame by 90 degrees. This should work flawlessly since your matte openings and your images are square. Now you can hang this picture horizontally above your mirror (see example above).

On each side of your mirror, add the two smaller pictures to complete your grouping. To finish, place the elephant artwork on the opposite wall that is to the left of your long mirror.

Happy Decorating!

Style Studio Team

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