Five Things Every Master Bedroom Needs


Everyone dreams of having a peaceful and luxurious master retreat. Yet when it comes time to decorate, we often focus on the public spaces in our home and let the private ones fall by the wayside.

Devoting a little bit of attention to your master bedroom can make a big impact, giving you a personal haven that maximizes serenity, utility and style. Here are five key elements to focus on as you design your ideal sanctuary.

Luxurious Linens


Studies have shown sleep is vital to good health, so consider fine bedding an investment in your well-being.

Start with high-quality sheets and a cozy down comforter, then layer on a sumptuous duvet cover, a plush blanket or throw and pillows specifically made for your sleeping position.

The end result will be a bed you can’t wait to get into and a more restful, healthy night’s sleep.

Ample Storage


It’s impossible to feel calm and relaxed when surrounded by clutter, so make sure your bedroom has a designated place for everything.

Do you like to read in bed? Look for a nightstand with a shelf or drawer for stashing your various reading materials. Have a love affair with shoes? Keep them neatly contained in shoe stands or storage cubbies. And if your closet space is lacking, find a stately armoire to house your sweaters and blankets.

By choosing furnishings suited to your specific needs, you’ll create a room that’s as smart as it is chic.

Extra Seating


Beds are made for sleeping, not sitting. So whether it’s an upholstered bench at the foot of your bed or a comfy armchair tucked in a corner, your room needs a dedicated place to sit down. Use it for reading, watching TV, or just for putting on shoes.

You’ll appreciate your bedroom all the more when it effortlessly serves a variety of purposes.

Layered Lighting


When you do a lot of different things in your bedroom, you need lighting that’s up to the task. The appropriate lighting will add glamor and shine while amping up your room’s functionality.

Place a show-stopping chandelier overhead for broad, general illumination, and rely on coordinating lamps or sconces for a more targeted glow.

Maximize convenience by positioning your bedside lighting so that you can turn it on and off without leaving the bed and your reading lamp within arm’s reach of your favorite chair.

Thoughtful Touches


It’s the little things that make life better – and your bedroom more appealing.

Keep a pretty tray on your nightstand to gather small items like reading glasses, jewelry, a carafe of water. Add flowing curtain panels to provide light control and bring about a more tranquil atmosphere. And cover your floors with a soft, warm rug to make getting out of bed each morning just a little bit easier.

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    April 30, 2016

    Where can i find the bedding- (one on claudette bed)?

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      May 2, 2016

      We’re so sorry but unfortunately that bedding collection has been discontinued!

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    I was interested in purchasing the Claudette headboard, the one with the bird on it…Is it still on sale?

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      Hi Kim,

      So happy to hear that you like our Claudette Headboard. Yes, it is still available. You can find it here.

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