Selecting a Paint Color and Slipcover Fabric

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Dear How to Decorate,

My family is relocating from the Atlanta area to Beaufort, South Carolina very soon. I have just purchased a Baldwin Queen Sleeper Sofa. I have no idea which slipcovers would work with our design dilemma!

There are a few details we must work with while trying to choose to correct slipcover. We will be renting a home in South Carolina.  I am eager to make it OUR HOME by planning ahead.  I recently purchased the  9×12  Jacqueline Blue Rug. We also have two club chairs that need to work in the room. Now to make this even more challenging, we can only choose one of 4 paint colors according to the housing rules. The Latte seems to be the obvious choice.

These are all Sherwin Williams Colors.

1) SW7024/ Functional Grey   2) SW6763/ Retiring Blue   3) SW6108 /Latte   4) SW6163/Grassland Green

Attached are two photos which include. Both show the  Jacqueline Blue Rug  and the club chairs. One has our coffee table in it.  I do not know if this will work in the space, but I hope it will fit.


Ellen M

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The Jacqueline Blue Rug is a fantastic choice and we think it will transition well with your future home.  We agree that the Sherman Williams paint color Latte – 6108 is the best selection out of the 4 possible colors.  

We suggest recovering your chairs in Desert Chenille becaus this fabric easily adapts to any room.  For an additional option, we suggest adding various pillows in a mix of fabrics to your sofa.  Try  fabrics like Desert Chenille, Danish Sky and Ashford Paisley.  Mixing these fabrics will create a cohesive look.

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We wish you well in your transition and we know that everything will come together in your new home.

Happy Decorating!

The How to Decorate Team

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