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I am anxious to purchase a new rug for my living room, but I’m having trouble deciding what will work best color-wise. I sent an email to a Ballard Product Specialist who suggested I submit this inquiry to a Style Studio expert.

I’ve ordered several rug samples from Ballard, but they are kind of small so I’m still struggling to make a decision. Right now I’m leaning toward the Granada rug. My concern is that my walls are cream so I’m thinking maybe I need something with more color (dark browns, reds, etc) to help anchor the room. Or maybe a rug like the Granada (in brown) would be ok because it appears to have touches of darker brown below the pattern.

Other Ballard rugs I’ve considered are:





Below are a couple of pics of my living room.

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide!


Danielle H

Rug Style 1

Rug Style


You have done your homework!  We appreciate the selections you have made.  Based on your pictures, we recommend two options.  We really like your choice of the Granada rug for a more graphic look.

Granada Rug

Our other recommendation is your choice of the Catherine Rug.  This rug will provide you with a little bit of subtle color that will not overwhelm your room.

Catherine Rug

With either rug selection, your room will feel and look beautiful.

Happy Decorating!

Style Studio Team

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