Decorating An Open Living Room With Fireplace

Open Living Room with Fireplace

Dear Style Studio team,

We’ve been in this house for about two years and from the get go we knew our old furniture wasn’t really going to work.

We bought a new Italian low profile sofa which I think does a great job of not blocking the pretty glass doors, but I still have my 1950 double relax a chair which is awesome, but I know the scale is all wrong for the space. So, I would like to find another sofa/love seat that compliments my current sofa and gives me more than seating for two.

I really only have the L-shape to work with because the other wall is a large fireplace and the other wall has our retractable screen for our projector (wires have been installed in ceiling, so moving the “entertainment center” is not an option).

Additionally I recently found a rug I thought would work to spruce up the decor, but now that I look at it, it seems to make the room feel to “icy” and make more of the furniture/accents look as if they don’t really coordinate.

Sooo, please give me a seating suggestion and let me know yes or no on the new rug. Thanks!


 Open Living Room with Fireplace

Dear Sandra,

You have a lovely style that lends to a feeling of soothing calm.  Beautiful.

Since you are not planning on keeping your rug, consider the Raleigh Natural Fiber Rug.  This will create a nice transition between the floor and the other soft colors in the room.  Keeping a muted palette on the larger pieces in a room gives freedom for adding pops of color throughout the space.  Add some colorful height to your plant in the corner by resting it on top of a Petite Double Fortune Garden Seat in orange.  A short stack of colorful books resting on top of your ottoman will provide another opportunity to add color.

 Fireplace collage

 The vintage 1950’s chair is stunning and moving it to another area will open up a space for additional seating.  We recommend adding 2 mid century modern chairs covered in Mandarin Linen for a fresh and modern look.  For a final zing of color, don’t forget about adding a couple of Maderin Linen throw pillows to your sofa.

Happy Decorating!

Style Studio Team

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    March 29, 2013

    love the idea of adding pops of mandarin!