Kid-Friendly Decorating Ideas


It’s a dilemma many of us face: how to decorate our homes in a way that’s fun and secure for our children while still being attractive and appealing to adults. Here are six of our favorite kid-friendly decorating ideas for creating a beautiful home the whole family will love.



Make Tough Fabric Choices

Once upon a time, choosing fabric that could stand up to kids meant getting something rough or unattractive or both. Today, though, there are many gorgeous, family-friendly options available. Microfiber is a popular choice due to its durability, stain-resistance, and soft hand. Some velvets are also kid-strong – our luxurious Queen Velvet fabrics have been tested to withstand up to 100,000 rubs. Indoor/outdoor fabrics, such as those by Sunbrella® and Easy-Care™ Sunbrella®, handle harsh weather conditions with style and ease, making them a perfect match for families with kids. Best of all, these fabrics are offered in an incredible array of colors and designs, so you can easily achieve the look you’re after.


Put a Slip on It

It’s no accident that many of Ballard’s furniture options are available with slipcovers. Our machine-washable twill slips are soft, yet sturdy and clean up beautifully. No more crying over spilled milk – just take the slipcover off and pop it in the washing machine. You can even have one slipcover for family use and another when company’s coming. Replace the twill with an elegant linen slipcover for special occasions or grown-up entertaining, then easily switch it back again.


Soften the Edges

Sharp furniture edges and high-energy little ones are a dangerous combination. Keep things safe and comfortable by choosing pieces with rounded edges or soft surfaces. Look for sofas and chairs with padded, upholstered arms. Select a round dining table and coffee table instead of rectangular ones. Or get rid of the coffee table altogether and use an oversized cocktail ottoman instead. While ideal for little ones, these choices will make your space more relaxing for you, too.


Put It Out of Reach

You don’t have to hide your fine china and crystal or other beautiful-yet-breakable treasures when you have kids, just reposition them. Bright, shiny objects displayed on a low table or bar cart often prove irresistible to tiny, curious hands. Display them instead at adult eye-level – on a wall ledge or the upper shelves of an étagère or china cabinet. You’ll be able to enjoy the sight of your favorite things without worrying over their well-being.


Keep It Out of Sight

You have kids, kids have toys – lots of toys. And despite the best intentions to keep things contained to bedrooms or playrooms, the toys often end up all over the place. To keep your home from being taken over by brightly colored plastic and stuffed animals, rely on smart storage solutions. Large baskets are an easy way to stash dolls, books, and blocks while adding some textural interest. Hide board games and puzzles behind the doors of cabinets and consoles. And use multi-functional pieces like storage ottomans to contain clutter without taking up extra space.


Watch What’s Underfoot

Muddy shoes and spilled food are just two of the ways kids can wreak havoc on our interiors. Protect your floors and your sanity with strong, stain-resistant area rugs. Natural-fiber rugs like seagrass offer durability in casual, go-with-everything neutrals. Indoor/outdoor rugs let you play with color and pattern without sacrificing easy clean-up. And pure wool tufted rugs are inherently stain-resistant and soft underfoot.

Have other kid-friendly decorating ideas? Leave us a note in the comments below.