Adding Pizzazz To A Large Room

Dear Style Studio team,

We recently moved where our living room, kitchen and dining is all in one big area.

We have a large dark brown leather couch, love seat and chair that we love. I have a brown curtain over the patio door. The kitchen cabinets are dark brown. I have a large curio cabinet in the dining area that is dark wood. The walls are neutral beige. I need some pizazz.

Also, I need about three bar stools but I cannot figure out what type. Wood or metal? What kind of coffee tables? Lamps, rug and pillows? There are some nooks that I could paint some color but I want it to coordinate with your suggestions.

Thank you!

— Jennifer



Dear Jennifer,

We have pulled together a few items that we think will provide you a subtle pizzazz.

Start by grouping all pictures together. When you combine art, photos or collectibles in one space, it presents your objects as a collection. Try stacking your art work on a wall. 

Now we recommend adding our Andora Rug to really create the color pallet for your space. Playing off these colors, you can add pillows in Velvet Indigo, Danish Honey and Callisto Stripe Brown to your sofa.

Infusing these colors into your space will work nicely against the brown.

Andora Rug

Indigo Velvet

For your tables, we suggest adding our Durham Bunching Tables and Caprice Side Table in Distressed Blue as a side table.

These two selections will give subtle layers of color in your sitting area and still flow perfectly with the other brown wood tones.

Next we suggest using the Marguerite Barstools with their unusual wood finish.

Finish off with Malia Seeded Glass Lamps.

Durham Bunching

Caprice Distressed Blue



Always keep in mind that you don’t always have to have strong colors to give a room pizzazz, you can achieve the same look with subtle changes in color and texture.

Happy Decorating!

Style Studio Team

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