Decorating An Empty Foyer

Dear Style Studio team,

I need help with an empty entrance/foyer area.

When you walk in the front door there is a small foyer area with the stairwell to the upstairs on the left hand side.

The ceiling goes up to the top of the second floor and as you are going up the steps you can see a stepped shelf type of an area (quite large about 4-by-6 feet that is completely empty and I am intimidated by it).

I want whatever I put up there to be meaningful or interesting — not just something I have thrown up there to get it decorated.

I have seen a couple houses with some tall vases with grasses sticking out and also another house had some suitcases and other items up there.

I have been trying to decorate our home in the Tuscan style, but I also like the Spanish side of that more than the French I would say.

I have looked at pots and vases, but it’s hard to find something big enough to fit the space in the style I want.

Also when I dust up there I don’t want anything too light that will tip over easily.

We also have no other pictures on the walls as you go up the stairs, so I thought whatever I put on the shelf I would try to coordinate. Also, I am open to painting the space.



Entryway Photo 

Second Entryway Photo

Dear Jessica,

Your entryway has lots of potential to really be stunning. 

Since you enjoy the Tuscan style and colors, the first thing we would recommend is to paint your expansive space a beautiful golden sun color or a rich, earthen terra cotta color. Find a inspirational Tuscan image and pull a color from the image as a starting point.

Next we suggest several pieces of large pottery to place on the two levels. Don’t be afraid to mix different shapes, textures and colors as you create your collection of pottery pieces … our Olive Jars are ideal.  

On the wall behind the pottery, hang a large Spanish style iron piece. For a creative idea, try a collection of 8 or 12 High Gate Stepping Stones hung in a grid pattern!

Olive Jar Small Olive Jar

Entryway for Jessica 1 Entryway for Jessica

For a relaxing entrance, we suggest adding the Chianna Fountain perched atop a rectangular plant stand. The colorful tiles will add fantastic visual interest and the sound will welcome you home. 

We also recommend stacking a series of Garden District Mirrors on large stairway wall. Selecting them in the wood finish will help to interpret your Spanish style.

Happy Decorating!

Style Studio Team

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