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Abbeville Storage

Our family used the back door as primary entryway… bringing in dirt from mulch backyard, as well as clutter.. book bags, shoes, bags…. I dream of one of the organized locker system entryways but feel it may be overwhelming because backdoor is between kitchen and family room and perfectly in line with our front door??? HELP, cant use the laundry room off garage as mud room because not wide enough too cluttered??

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We certainly understand loving all things organized!  Looking at your photos, our team thinks the best organizing furniture for you is our Abbeville Collection.  This system lets you add as much storage as you need to any area.  Consider starting with Abbeville Large 5-Compartment Stacking Cabinet with Baskets.  This is a fantastic base upon which you can build what is needed most.  Add Open Stacking Cabinet for purses or book bags.  As you move up your wall, consider adding our Cafe Shelves in different lengths to go above the chair molding   These shelves are perfect for holding smaller items … like keys and phones.

Abbeville 5 pc

Cafe Shelving

Since foot traffic is a concern, we recommend adding the runner version of our Durante Rug in Neutral.  Because it is an indoor/outdoor rug, it’s a great option for your high traffic area and  the intricate pattern provides beauty and disguises dirt!!

Durante Neutral Rug

Happy Decorating!

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