Wall Art For A Tall Living Room


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Dear How to Decorate team,

I have a 12-foot wall in my living room, and it needs some help.

I like the print over over the sofa, but want some suggestions as to what to put around it to make the wall more visually appealing.

I was considering two of the PE Collection double wall pockets stacked one over the other, or the vintage wall pockets to put on the left-hand side of the wall to solve some magazine and book storage needs, but I am unsure if that would look right.

As far as the rest of the wall, I am at a loss.

I like your small sunburst mirrors and the etymology plaques, but I have no idea what artwork I could use that would complement and not compete with the print.

I would not be against something architectural , or a combination of art and other items to add interest to the wall. Help!


Sofa with lamps and photograph

Another photo of sofa with lamps


Thank you for your dilemma.

Please don’t hang the PE Wall Pockets. It will make your living room look more like an office waiting room. A solution for your magazines and storage — our Round  Market Baskets nestled on the floor.

As far as the wall, I chose our Antique Egg Art Prints. You could hang two on either side of your existing center print. Hang one print over the other. The prints are so simplistic that they should not compete with what you now have.

wall art above mantel

Hope this helps!

Happy Decorating,

The How to Decorate Team

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