My Room Lacks Interest

Living room

This is my chocolate brown furniture. I thought that I would like the blue walls with the brown sofas. But now it’s way to blah, and dark. Can you help me lighten things up and add interest, without having to break the bank. I’d like to use what I have, but I’m feeling that I may have to re-purchase all my furniture.

Please help if you have any good ideas.

Thank you




Thank you for your post. It looks like you have a lot of great items in the room but just need a little pizzaz. You definitely don’t need to re-purchase all your furniture! Any one (or a combination) of these ideas should work:

  • Have your dining chairs reupholstered in a print or a solid color. Carry that print into pillows on the sofa as well.
  • Paint the coffee and side tables a lighter color – cream, grey or white. Think of that part of the room as a separate space and let it have its own identity. It needs to coordinate with the dining area, but it doesn’t need to match.
  • Reupholster the wing chair in something BOLD. Consider also using that fabric as drapery panels (another tip: hang the drapery at the top of the wall, as close to your molding as possible – it will raise your eye up and make the ceiling feel taller). The whole space would immediately perk up.
  • Throw a tablecloth on the table and accessorize on top with an oversized plant or small tree.
  • Choose a larger, lighter rug for the living area and turn it the opposite direction so that it sits under the sofa and the chair. That will unify that space and lighten up the room.


We hope that some of these ideas will help inspire you and your room.

Happy Decorating,

The Style Studio Team

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    Merry Lee

    February 6, 2013

    Terrific ideas. Simple and effective.