Help With My Narrow Living Room


We just moved into this new home and the living room is 25ft long by 12ft wide with about 30-35 ft ceilings. I love the light brown color on the walls.

As you can see we out our sofa in front of the kitchen bar which looks ridiculous. We have this brand new entertainment center which looks lovely but it makes the tv very close to the sofa. I need major help.

We thought about putting the TV over the fireplace and getting 2 stands in front of the windows for the rest of the electronics, then moving the sofa on the long wall and leaving the love seat in front of the steps.

I also have a reclining chair that goes with the sofa set but I am not sure where to put it. I have to put my entertainment center in storage but it looks like that is the only option. I love to put accessories on my entertainment center but I am not sure how or where to put up accessories without my entertainment center.

On the huge wall I thought about hanging this silk rug tapestry I bought in the Middle East, then at the windows I want to hang a silk Dupioni panel on each side of the window ( I love damask or stripes drapes).

I am not sure what to do with that window up high. I hate the bright light comes in through there.

Any suggestions with my dilemma is greatly appreciated. PLEASE excuse the mess ( we just moved in).


Odd-shaped spaces present their own challenges. To make the most of the space, you really need to consider the size and scale of the furniture. When the proportions are good, the room just feels right. That being said, the entertainment center has to go. Unfortunately, it’s just too large for the space, and it doesn’t look as if you have any choice but to put the sofa against that wall (perhaps it would work in the master bedroom?). Which brings us to the TV. If placing the TV in this room is your only option, then the best solution is placing it above the fireplace, as you suggested. House your electronics in low, open shelving on either side, in front of the windows, and use the top for your accessorizing — our Durham low bookcase is an option to consider. It would look nice with your current items and it looks great in a window. We’ve attached a photo of the taller version in a window to give you a visual idea of how it will look.

Hanging the large rug tapestry on the large wall sounds like a great idea. Layer in drapery that you hang as close the ceiling as you can so that it draws your eye up and give the room some balance of high-low.

In the future, consider moving the TV to another room and breaking up the long and narrow space with two seating arrangements. Just picture a pair of wing chairs flanking the fireplace! And two slim-lined loveseats or settees facing each other – one against the wall and one in front of the bar – with a coffee table in-between would make the perfect conversation area. But, realistically, we all have to make choices based on our existing decor and budget, and you are on the right path.

Happy decorating – and enjoy your new home!

Durham table

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