Dilemma: Great Room Decorating Ideas






I am challenged by several issues in our great room and would love some suggestions. The bottom line is that I’m looking to achieve balance and increase seating capacity for guests.

First, I have struggled with our fireplace wall (dimension 19-feet) since moving in and would like some suggestions for wall art/pieces to compliment the entire wall. I have tried photo groupings on the left side and they seemed to get “lost.” I recently added the wall quote from a cool artist on the right side of the fireplace. The oil-painting above the fireplace is a great piece, produced locally, but I’m not certain it belongs above the mantel.

Second, I am challenged by the layout of our room (no solid walls) and would like additional seating. I keep moving the chairs, but the room still seems off-balance.

Third, any recommendations for throw pillows for the paisley print sofa? Trying to lighten it and create a “less-busy” look.

Thank you Ballard’s Design Team!


A shapely mirror would look fantastic over your fireplace! Take a look at our Audrey Mirror or Crown Sunburst Mirror. Move the oil painting to the blank wall space to the left — we think you’ll like the balance it will bring.

Speaking of balance, move the large upholstered chair to the opposite side of the room and place it at the same angle as the leather chair. Move the ottoman under the script artwork next to the floor lamp or station a Garden Seat there for extra pull-up seating. Problem solved!

It’s best to stick with solid colors if you want to quiet your sofa. Our Essential Pillows offer a variety of options, but we say check out the Camel Velvet or Khaki Twill.

Happy decorating!

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