Bedroom Organization Tips

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Your bedroom should be a place of peace and quiet, but if it’s disorganized and messy, you may find yourself unable to relax. So make the best use of all of your available space without creating chaos in the process. Here are some bedroom organization tips that can help keep your sleep sanctuary in order and streamlined – and your snoozing undisturbed.

Keep Your Jewelry Sorted and Safe

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Find a pretty dish at a thrift store or flea market (or use one that you’ve had tucked away) and put it on top of your dresser to hold the jewelry you wear all the time — your favorite earrings, your everyday ring, a treasured necklace — particularly if you remove any pieces at night before bed and you don’t want to misplace them. You can drop your house and car keys on the dish too; you’ll always know where to find them and your dresser-top will stay tidy. If you have a large collection of necklaces, hang them on jewelry trees to keep them tangle-free while they are displayed attractively.

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Everything else, from special occasion pieces to sentimental items, can be kept safe and out of sight in a jewelry box that matches the theme and colors of your room. As a bonus, having your jewelry organized can help you rediscover pieces you had forgotten you owned — instant wardrobe upgrade!

Reclaim the Space Under the Bed

There’s usually a lot of empty space under your bed that is just begging to be used. It’s a great and often overlooked storage spot, but it can be a magnet for clutter (and dust bunnies) so keep it clean and organized. This strategy works especially well if closet space in your home is at a premium. Look for long, flat boxes that have been designed specifically to be tucked under your bed. They will keep everything contained as well as easily accessible. Fill the boxes with sheets, pillowcases, and extra towels, and toss in a dryer sheet to keep everything smelling fresh. Additionally, underbed boxes are the perfect size for storing out-of-season clothing: think sweaters in the summer and bathing suits in the winter.

Have a bit of space left? You can find storage boxes with dividers to keep Christmas ornaments or delicate knickknacks safe and dust-free until it’s time to display them. A bed skirt or dust ruffle can disguise your sneaky solution, but you can also find storage boxes pretty enough to show off.

Let Your Bedside Table Work for You

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A bedside table can do more than just hold a lamp, an alarm clock and your latest book club selection. Make sure yours has enough drawer and shelf space to do your heavy storage lifting. Are magazines taking over your house? Keep unread issues tucked away beside the bed and flip through one each night before falling asleep. Mark and clip out articles you’d like to scan or save, and then recycle what’s left.

Another idea: Use a short bookcase as a night table and fill it with pretty baskets that can store socks, ties, and other small clothing items. If you’re crafty, keep a small selection of supplies – balls of yarn and knitting needles, scrapbooking paper and scissors, blank notebooks and pens – in the baskets for when inspiration strikes.

Neaten Up Your Dresser Drawers

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When you’re busy with life, work, and family, it can be tempting to throw clean laundry in whatever dresser drawer is closest without a second glance. However, you’ll be wasting time later hunting through messy piles to find what you need, not to mention all of the extra ironing you’ll have to add to your already demanding schedule. Even if your folding is imperfect, you’ll find that you can fit more clothing into the space than you could when it was crumpled. You can also buy dividers and boxes that fit right inside the drawers to keep smaller items, like socks and underwear, in their proper place.

Now curl up under your softest comforter and take a nice, long nap. You’ll feel great knowing that you’ll wake up in an organized bedroom!

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